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Nathan Corlett | Minister of Temporal Affairs ([personal profile] temporal_affairs) wrote2013-03-08 12:10 pm


Downside's not so bad, as long as he checks when to go down this street and turn that corner, when to visit this neighbor or call that friend, when to look for a trade for this object or look that thing up in the library. People say he's lucky. Most people here do not have magic - no one else he's met.

He calls himself "Timer". "Nathan" just doesn't fit in here, and he's here, for the long haul.

He finds Eights is famous, and Jasmine too, for diametrically opposite reasons; he hooks up with the former a couple of times, steers carefully clear of the latter, straightens up his colorful little apartment and swaps things in and out until it's livable, and re-learns how to be human. He times everything, and his trusty timer makes him comfortable: it brings him better-than-random trades for food (weird, eating food again) and pretty girls (it's always girls; whatever quirk of not-straightness that landed his mate bond where it stuck has not found any similar exceptions here, though he does partake of a few threesomes and he's perfectly comfortable not being the only male in the room) and keeps him away from torturers.

Time passes. Being human means that the memories he lays down here aren't as crisp as the vampire ones, and he can remember being alive - at least, as a vampire - much better than most hundred-year Downsiders can. Eights's presence tells him that Downside collects from Aurum (or "60") even when the death doesn't take place in Milliways, but he doesn't find anyone he knows, when he checks. That's all right. His timer finds him people and all he has to do is be his gregarious self.

He hopes Kerron's okay without his daddy.

(The Joker, he knows, can find someone else. He's glad now that he never turned.)

Timer follows his witchcraft around with a will, and it is trustworthy.